How to build an MVP in a few weeks

How to build an MVP in a few weeks

MVP is the initial product that creates tangible value for your customers. It is a process of building a new product with core functionalities and minimum features, to test how the target audience would respond. MVP Development plays an important role in web development and design. Therefore, several businesses have challenges while trying to launch an MVP for a mobile app or a web. 

We want to simplify this process and explain it in a different way. Let’s picture it like building a car from a skateboard. All you need to focus on is its primer function: building a product with a minimal budget in a given time. 


We are aware of our customer’s needs. For this reason, we try to first understand the idea of the product in order to give our best in building a super-fast MVP.

The purpose to build an MVP is to launch a product quickly, based on your idea, with a small budget. Accordingly, you should understand the steps of an MVP Development process. Here are the necessary steps involved to build an MVP.

Market research

Building an MVP implies finding the right balance between what your business is offering to users, and what users actually need. What value does your product offer to its users? How can it benefit them? Why would they buy your product? These are important questions to keep in mind to help better express your idea.

Goal and main user identification

Establishing clear and specific metrics that will measure the launch success. Facts and statistics can provide you with a realistic viewpoint and helps identify clear goals and what success would look like. 

Choosing features that are most relevant for the user

You need to look at the app from the users’ perspective. This includes the process from opening the app to the final process, such as making a purchase or delivery. At this stage, you need to define which features will be included in M VP and which will not. Focus on a smaller number that provides the most benefit to the user as the core of your product. 

Developing the MVP

The prototype should be user-friendly and engaging. Focus on the main features that will deliver the solution for users as fast as possible. Once your prototype is released, you can consider which feature will be the priority for developing the final version of the product.

Launch MVP

Once you have decided upon the main features and have learned about the market needs, you can create your MVP. 

Receiving the feedback and analyzing results

We believe that measuring the results is the most important part of the MVP development process. This is the real test for the viability of your product and it will determine the future direction in final product development. Listen carefully to what the users have to say. User feedback can give you a very precise idea of the improvement of the features.