Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading the Digital Movement – safely & sustainably

We are proud to have brought Beetroot Academy to Pristina and help over 500 students finish quality IT training with inherited curricula and program from Beetroot Academy Sweden.

Our goal was to create sustainable economic growth in Kosovo and we achieved it by having 95% (over 500 students) of the academy’s graduates employed in IT companies throughout the region. Additionally, we offer an internship program for successful academy graduates to come work at Kutia for hands-on projects with mentorship.

Just recently, 12 out of 16 interns received job offers at Kutia and are now working on different projects.

We also recognize the importance of preserving our planet and mitigating climate change. That’s why we have launched a tree-planting initiative to offset our carbon footprint and give back to the environment.

We are committed to planting a certain number of trees every year and have already exceeded our initial goal.  We will continue to seek out new opportunities to make a positive impact on the environment and take responsibility for our carbon emissions.

We organized the Coders Friendship Gathering, an event dedicated to our community that brought together IT companies from the Western Balkans.

Our goal was to share experiences and knowledge to help solve challenges in our community. The event included discussion panels, expert speakers and networking opportunities.

Strongly believing in promoting gender equality in the workplace, we have recently awarded 17 scholarships for women in IT. These scholarships provide professional training in IT, and also create job opportunities for women in the industry.

By encouraging women’s engagement in the IT sector, we can help increase their representation and create more inclusive workplaces. We are proud to support these women and help pave the way for a more diverse and equal workforce in the tech industry.

As authors of the “Finding Your Tech Partner in Kosovo” guidebook, we have contributed to showcasing Kosovo’s potential in the international market.

This valuable asset serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses seeking reliable and skilled tech partners in Kosovo.

As authors of “The Now & Future of Frontend Development in the Balkan Region,” a comprehensive report based on a survey of over 500 developers from the Balkan region, we presented our findings during the Coders Friendship Gathering event, which played a significant role in helping companies prepare for future workforce trends.

We are committed to supporting social causes, and this includes our continuous support for marathons and such events that promote various social causes.

We are dedicated to helping families in need by providing essential products such as food and hygiene products, as well as donating clothes to organizations like the Red Cross Kosovo. In our latest efforts, we were able to assist 23 families who live in difficult financial conditions.