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Junior Programmer

After the successful completion of the course, students who show talent will be recommended for an internship program as intern Junior Programmer at Kutia. This program provides additional skills to the graduate Juniors during a three-month internship program.

The internship program is not guaranteed. Kutia has a candidate selection procedure based on results.


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The mission of the internship program is to provide additional development skills to graduate students who want to start their career in IT. In the end of the internship program, Kutia offers a job position to successful candidates who have shown great success in their performance. The review is based on the professional development and results.

Beetroot Students

My experience in Beetroot Academy is important and valuable to me. This opportunity turned out to be very profitable because in addition to the training where you learn new things, we were offered the opportunity to practice that knowledge.
The course material of Beetroot Academy was very convenient and very well designed to help the students who are attending these courses to prepare for the job market.

The study material provided some very necessary units for building web applications and keeping us updated with the requirements of the labor market. What differentiates it from other courses is the interactivity between the mentor and the students, as well as the online LMS system that helps develop coding skills. The internship program has helped me to apply the acquired knowledge in practice and to develop even more knowledge in this field.

The course was provided with high-quality teaching and great communication between the coach and the students. It was a higher standard of explanation that gave me the freedom to share my ideas. It helped to expand my knowledge and professional development in my field. The internship program has been a very good opportunity for me and has given me the motivation to develop even more in Kutia, Junior React Developer.

After finishing the training, I found myself very well-prepared for the labor market. The material used during our Node.js course was very helpful and prepared me to adapt from the basics of Node.js to more advanced ones.
The internship program, which was offered after the completion of the program at Beetroot Academy, was the best experience I have had so far. We were very welcomed by the staff of Kutia and we are learning new things continuously.

My experience at Beetroot Academy has been the best way to start a career with great potential. It was very useful for the upcoming challenges as a regular employee, as it served as a very strong basis for most of the concepts and problems encountered in everyday life.

They had a great syllabus, and a well-prepared coach with great technical, non-technical, and communication skills that helped me a lot during the internship program. During the internship program I gained a lot of new knowledge, I learned many good coding techniques, and I developed some necessary skills for my profession.

Training at Beetroot Academy was a very special and very beautiful experience. We were provided with the necessary knowledge to understand a programming language like React.js. The teaching method of our coach was advanced and understandable for all of us. All the knowledge gained from this training was enough to start the internship program. This program has also helped me develop and expand my knowledge in this area, and above all, it has introduced me to the work and process of how real projects are developed.

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