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How we deliver

We are an internet agency.

We help businesses see problems through their clients’ eyes and offer solutions that are music to their ears. We don’t just make the complex simple. We make the complex work.

Who we are

Kutia is a company involved in shaping digital information to transform it into an easily comprehensible format. That involves working closely with the client to define the project, and then in collaboration with graphic designers we come up with a solution that is elegant and beautiful.

Our services include web design and development, creating web applications, customizing WordPress or creating bespoke content management systems, creating e-commerce platforms, and providing custom digital solutions to managing information. We also provide maintenance and support for all our work.

We have worked in a range of industries, such as retail, wholesale, finance, media, NGO/Non-profit, government, and we usually are familiar with the challenges that our clients face. Usually, the problem is the gap between our computers and us. We try to close that gap as much as possible by making our computers useful tools for the intended business purpose.

Team Capabilities

Web Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development (PHP Laravel), WordPress Development, Custom Web Applications, E-Commerce, Website Maintenance, Technical Support.

Industry expertise

Retail / Wholesale / Financial services / Media / NGOs / Government

Solving problems together

We understand each problem is different and each requires a specific solution. That is why we work together with you from the get-go until project’s completion. We start by understanding the problem and are not afraid to stir things up in order to unearth innovative and unique solutions. Whether you are looking to upgrade your online presence or need an all-rounded solution that positions your business favorably in the digital sphere, we are in it together. We rely on collaboration and teamwork and work together with you to bring your ideas to life.

Thinking of how your next project could look like? Don’t wait until you have all details figured out to contact us. We’d love to brainstorm new ideas and find innovative solutions together – so, let’s talk!

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