Build or extend your development team in weeks!

Why do you need us?


Quality Talent

Quickly hire experienced developers who will enrich your capacity in terms of value, solutions and solving real problems.


Large Talent Pool

Get access to a large tech talent pool with high-performing developers.


Fast Recruitment

We handle the hiring process and carefully select developers tailored to your specific requirements.


Reduced Expenses

With our dedicated team model, you get a more cost-effective process than hiring freelancers or relying only on in-house staff.


Team Size Flexibility

You are able to scale your team along with your business needs. You can start small and expand your team on the way, without worrying about firing and hiring.


Dedicated Developers

We assign developers and complete teams to work with you full-time, on a daily basis. They truly become a part of your team.


Team of Developers, QA, UI/UX



Ready to start



Shortest time of collaboration


Employee satisfaction

How do we set up your team?

  • Requirement Gathering
    Where are you heading, what your company stands for, and how can we support you?
  • Assembling the Team
    We find the right mix of skills that add value to your idea and bring your success to life.
  • Talent Selection
    The most successful candidates are selected for a final interview with you.
  • Team Integration
    Smooth process of integrating our team into your ongoing project.
  • Delivering
    An agreement away to set up your dream team!

Let’s start building your team!