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Why do you need us?


Boost your development capacity with quality talent

A dedicated software development team consists of high-skilled talents. They supplement your in-house staff in positions your business requires. You can quickly hire experienced developers in your domain who will enrich your capacity in terms of value, solutions and solving real problems.


Get access to a large tech talent pool

Kosovo is becoming a tech talent pool in the Eastern European region.
With our talented, young and motivated developers, we will help you overcome the recruitment challenges.


Reduce time spent on recruitment

With our dedicated developers on board, we make sure that you don’t need to fight for top talents locally, spending time and money on the recruitment process. We take care of recruitment and handpick developers according to your requirements.


Reduce expenses

Working with dedicated software teams is more cost-effective for your business than hiring freelancers. Sometimes it’s even more efficient than working with the in-house workforce solely, not having to pay for the on-the-job utilities like electricity, heating, gas, and cooling.


Be flexible with a team size

You are able to scale your team along with your business needs. You can start small and expand your team on the way, without worrying about firing and hiring.


Get dedicated full-time engineers

We assign developers and complete teams to work with you full-time, on a daily basis. They truly become a part of your team. This approach helps you to easily expand your team, develop more for a shorter period of time and launch faster.

How do we set up your team?

You are involved in every step of the process


Gathering requirements

First, it is important for us to hear out where you’re heading, what your company stands for, and how the product we’re going to develop supports the process of attaining your high-level goals.


Assembling the team

Once we are aware of the business and technological challenges we’re about to face, it’s time to bring the best experts to the table. We find the right mix of skills that would add value to your idea and eventually bring it to life with success.


Talent selection

Our HR assesses candidates to learn their background, tech skills, English level, and soft skills and then selects a best-fit candidate for a final interview with you.


Integrating the team

We smoothly integrate our team into your ongoing project. You can choose the preferred management approach and tools.



If satisfied, we sign an agreement and set up your team.

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