Build Cool APIs In Express and TypeScript

Build Cool APIs In Express and TypeScript

Node is a run-time environment that makes it possible to write server-side JavaScript. It has gained widespread adoption since its release in 2011. Writing server-side JavaScript can be challenging as a codebase grows due to the nature of the JavaScript language; dynamic and weak typed.

Developers coming to JavaScript from other languages often complain about its lack of strong static typing, but this is where TypeScript comes into the picture – to bridge this gap.

TypeScript is a typed (optional) super-set of JavaScript that can help with building and managing large-scale JavaScript projects. It can be thought of as JavaScript with additional features like strong static typing, compilation, and object-oriented programming.

How we start a new Express and TypeScript project?

The main idea is how to build applications with Express and TypeScript 🤔 ?

In Kutia we have created a project starter that allows you to have all the right configurations and just start dealing with business logic and not waste time on project configurations 🤪.

What are the features of this project starter?

Some of features that project contains are:

  • Beautiful Code 🚀.
  • Dependency Injection ❤️.
  • Simplified Database Query 👌.
  • Clear Structure with different layers such as controllers, services, repositories, models, middlewares 🙋‍♂️.
  • Easy Exception Handling 👋.
  • Smart Validation ✔️.
  • Easy event dispatching 😍.
  • Fast Database Building with migrations 😜.
  • Easy Data Seeding with our own factories 🍏.
  • Auth System 🚗.
  • Docker 🐳.
  • Class-based to handle WebSocket events 🎉.
  • Class-based to handle Cron Jobs 💼.
  • API Documentation 📝.
  • GraphQL 📈.
  • Queue Jobs 🚧.

How to install the starter project?

You can check all details of a project on GitHub, but to install a project in a short way, you need to: Clone from GitHub, Run npm install and npm run dev.

Now what?

Now you have a project with Scalable structure, Error handling, Authentication, etc.

Also, you are ready to connect your API with cool javascript clients using the latest sexy frameworks.