A tool that makes your lunchtime be the best time!

A tool that makes your lunchtime be the best time banner

Just like at our homes, food brings us together to share joyful moments of food experiences. Eating together helps create relationships that are truly essential in a workplace.

Today, we want to share with you a tool we have created to order food in a simpler way, together with our teammates. We are sure that anyone who is reading this blog relates to the challenges of choosing where to eat, what to eat, how to order. In addition to that, let’s not forget the enormous time consuming of collecting everyone’s orders, money changing, etc. 

This life-saving tool makes the ordering process smooth and enjoyable for everyone. It saves time; calculates the change for everyone;  reduces the “what should we eat” noises in the offices, and most importantly; it brings efficiency between staff.

The problem

When we want to decide what to eat or drink, the process of getting everyone’s order always feels like an infinite loop until everyone decides on their order. Also, there is the part where we need to write what everyone ordered, the amount of money they’ve added, and their change. 

The Solution 

We’ve found this very time-consuming so we’ve decided to build a tool that helps to shorten this process.

We present to you this tool that simplifies the ordering process inside a small or large team. The flow of ordering looks like this: 

Add new order:

  • Decide the order name.
  • Set up the time frame until the order is active.
  • Select the location where you will make the order.
  • Send the link to your teammates.

Order review

  • After everyone decides what to order, the bill of the products will be listed in the right sidebar. 
  • Put the amount of money you have and the change will be calculated directly. 


  • After deciding our order, you’ll be redirected to a summary page where everyone’s order has been listed. 
  • Copy the summary, make the order. 

This tool has helped us a lot in making the ordering process smooth and enjoyable for everyone. We are planning to share this tool with other companies who find it useful for themselves. For our internal use, we have named it “Kutia Porosia”, and we are suggesting that every company who decides to use this tool, choose an internal name that fits them best.

If you want to book a demo meeting, please contact us at: [email protected]