Why outsource to Kosovo

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When we think of the ideal place for IT outsourcing, almost everyone agrees to the point that the first thing that comes to our minds is saving time and finishing tasks on time in order to succeed with our projects.

Lower costs, higher quality, easier and faster communication- who wants more?

If you haven’t yet heard about Kosovo or you still haven’t considered it as one of your options you have the chance to understand more about how much you can benefit from this country that is making big IT turns and  is increasingly becoming a magnet for clients from around the world.

Kosovo has emerged as one of Europe’s top locations for global sourcing of IT services. According to the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) the Southeast Europe – Kosovo region has become an attractive location for sourcing/outsourcing due to the low cost of qualified staff and a large number of highly educated, bilingual and qualified IT professionals. Almost 1/3 of Kosovo companies are engaged in export services. (https://www.marketopportunities.fi/home/2019/ict-sector-in-kosovo/)

Kosovo: A Place to Do Business

Every year, more and more companies come to Kosovo at different events that bring together ICT enthusiasts and professionals. It is amazing how much interest is growing every year for this small country with such a big heart. The thing that stands out most is the power of the Kosovar youth and their great development in the field of technology.

Kosovo’s economy is at a stage of rapid  development, especially in the IT field. Most of Kosovo’s population is made up of people under the age of 30 who study at various universities both inside and outside Kosovo. What is characteristic of the youth of Kosovo is the fact that many young people have studied in different countries of Europe, but also in the United States, and with their return to Kosovo, they have brought a new spirit of mentality.

Kosovars are characterized by good English language skills and very rapid cultural and intellectual adaptation with people of different backgrounds. This is a great advantage when it comes to working with different companies abroad.

Being responsive, motivated, highly practical in their work, informed of the latest trends and always updated, Kosovars have quickly become attractive to different companies providing customer service abroad.

Its advantageous geographic location has also allowed Kosovo to access global markets easily and develop logistics infrastructure to support these connections. More than half of the Information Technology companies in Kosovo are exporting their services. According to the Kosovo ICT Association – STIKK report, IT companies are mainly providing services and products to the international IT Services and Outsourcing sector and the Technology sector. 

Kosovo: A place to nearshore software development talent

Kosovo offers talents who have completed computer science at one of the universities offering this area of education as well as academies and training schools across the country. 

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe with 53% of the population being under 25 years old. Computer science and IT related subjects are taught in 6 universities and approximately 350 students graduate each year. 

At the University of Prishtina – Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a considerable number of students. The number of graduates in this field is increasing every year. Since the interest of young people to study in this field is becoming a trend, there are also private universities who offer different programs. 

A considerable  number of students have the chance to work as internships in various companies while studying, while many others are going to various universities around the world through the Erasmus program, benefiting from this exchange with a device of different cultures and outlook.

Kosovo: A Place to Innovate 

After the war of 1999, everything started from the zero point and during these years, Kosovo’s youth are “exploding” in technology trends. In spite of the enormous challenges the state faces, the technology workforce has made Kosovo very quickly reach an enviable level. 

The curiosity of people to learn new things  from different examples, the ability of people to adapt to international trends and the open understanding of others has made people from all over the world collaborate with digital companies in Kosovo. 

The ICT market in Kosovo is growing with the fastest pace in comparison to other markets since the end of the war in 1999. Currently, the ICT sector is considered as one of the few sectors with positive trade balance. The vast presence of international organizations has been one of the main drivers for the rapid ICT growth, starting with demand for equipment and later shifting to software and services. The ISPs were among the first services, making Kosovo’s network one of the most developed fiber optic networks in the entire Balkan region. The coverage of Internet access in Kosovo territory has then exceeded 90%. (https://www.marketopportunities.fi/home/2019/ict-sector-in-kosovo/)

Kosovo: A Place to Grow

Kosovo is a small country which has started to grow more rapidly with investments being made by foreign investors. Although education has not provided sufficient opportunities for young people who have chosen to study computer engineering, a new culture of education has begun in recent years that is offering more opportunities for young people. Kosovo’s youth has made a shift from traditional education to progressive education. A spirit has begun in Kosovo that is being driven by the provision of training and the creation of conditions to attract IT talent.

STIKK (The Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology) provides assistance in the advancement and development of youth in the field of technology.

STIKK currently accounts for 200+ members, which represents 90% of the whole ICT market of Kosovo. STIKK is dedicated to help out the long-term-growth of the Information and Communications Technology industry in Kosovo; is committed to improving the business environment for the ICT, as well as promoting the contribution of the Information and Communications Technology to economic growth and social progress in Kosovo”.  (https://stikk.org/en/about-stikk/)

As we have mentioned above, the population of Kosovo consists mostly of people under the age of 30. Being an emerging society, Kosovo is thriving in a place to grow. The open mindedness of the people, with a good knowledge of English and German, is making this country a place worth collaborating with and investing in.

“At the end of the 2000s, the Kosovan government ran the ‘Young Europeans’ campaign to communicate the message that the country was ‘a fountain of youth’ and that the Kosovar people have something special to bring to the European continent by taking a younger, fresher, perspective to everything they do’. Not only is Kosovo the youngest country in Europe, after having declared its independence in February 2008, but it also has the youngest population in the Old Continent.”


In addition to that, Kosovo has quickly become a favored spot for corporate tourism and is becoming an attractive place to visit.