What sports are our developers into?

Team Building

Engaging in a hobby is one of the many things developers can use as a coping and relaxing mechanism. If it doesn’t involve coding, even better! There are many hobbies that our developers see as a chance to sharpen their skills, besides relaxing and fun. 

Today we decided to get some thoughts of our developers about the hobbies and sports they choose to relax over the weekend. This is a topic that brings some interesting facts about how weekend activities play a huge role in people’s work mood. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of physical activities not only for physical benefits but also for mental health advantages.

Having a 2-day “precious” weekend, the decision on how to spend it is a science itself.  There is a strong connection between what people choose to relax after a dynamic week at work and how it is represented during the workdays. In other words, individuals will most likely choose a type of sport that will make them feel comfortable with all of the demands, requirements, and nature of the sport they are choosing. From what we see on a daily basis, a dynamic weekend dedicated to nature and sports brings to work more effective and relaxed people, with increased positive energy. Dangerous sports, basketball, skiing, football, swimming, fishing, or even gym exercises; each of them has their own uniqueness and show more about the type and the characteristics of a person.

Every Monday, the first conversations in our offices have to do with how we spent the weekend, where we went and what we did. To get an idea of what activities our developers choose for the weekend and how this choice affects their performance, we took some thoughts from them:

I personally love Enduro. It is a kind of sport that includes various activities and visits to nature. This includes interesting places that can not be visited on foot or by car. This is a part of adrenaline that makes you feel more alive. Personally, this type of sport makes me much more productive at work. That is because it helps you get out of that work-home-work-home rhythm a bit and makes you start the week more relaxed. So, this sport helps me see, visit, or engage in other activities that don‘t relate to computers. This way, it enables me to see different parts of nature, beautiful places that make you feel full of life.

As the most active person in  Kutia :P, I like fitness and basketball the most. These two activities affect my mood and my performance at work. When I go to fitness before work, my day becomes much more energetic. 

I enjoy skiing 🎿  and Football ⚽. This year, I went skiing a lot. I notice that when I ski, I have a very good week and I am much more productive at work. This also affects me physically. At the beginning of the winter season, I feel very tired. At the end of the season, my physical condition obviously improves.