Top 6 benefits of Outsourcing to Kosovo

Top 6 benefits of Outsourcing to Kosovo

When thinking about the ideal place for IT outsourcing, the first thing that comes to our minds is saving time and finishing tasks on time. Kosovo is making big IT turns and is increasingly becoming a magnet for clients from around the world.

Here are 6 top benefits of outsourcing to Kosovo:

Culture & Bilingualism

Kosovars are characterized by good English language skills and very rapid cultural and intellectual adaptation with people of different backgrounds. This is a great advantage when it comes to working with different companies abroad. Kosovars have quickly become attractive to different companies providing customer service abroad. They are responsive, motivated, highly practical in their work, informed of the latest trends, and always updated.


Kosovo offers talents who have completed computer science at one of the universities offering this area of education. Also, academies and training schools across the country.

Computer science and IT related subjects are taught in 6 universities and approximately 350 students graduate each year. At the University of Prishtina – the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a considerable number of students. The number of graduates in this field is increasing every year. The interest of young people to study in this field is becoming a trend. Eventually, there are also private universities that offer different programs. 

A considerable number of students have the chance to work as internships in various companies while studying. Many others are going to various universities around the world through the Erasmus program, benefiting from this exchange with a device of different cultures and outlooks.


Kosovo’s advantageous geographic location allows it to access global markets easily as well as develop logistics infrastructure to support these connections. More than half of the Information Technology companies in Kosovo are exporting their services. Besides online meetings, Kosovo provides great connectivity between Pristina and other countries. With cheap flights, teams come together once in a while to connect better and attend team-building activities, etc.

Business making

Kosovo offers a great chance for all those interested in doing business. This process is considered easy by different rating reports. Doing Business Rating by the World Bank ranks Kosovo the 57th among 190 economies in the ease of doing business. According to  Trade Brief Report the ICT sector in Kosovo exported close to 60 milion Euros in services.

ICT enthusiasts and professionals

After the war of 1999, everything started from the zero point and during these years, Kosovo’s youth are “exploding” in technology trends. In spite of the enormous challenges the state faces, the technology workforce has made Kosovo very quickly reach an enviable level. A spirit has begun in Kosovo that is being driven by the provision of training and the creation of conditions to attract IT talent.

The curiosity of people to learn new things  from different examples, the ability of people to adapt to international trends and the open understanding of others has made people from all over the world collaborate with digital companies in Kosovo.

More than work-only relationship

Kosovo is attracting many companies from different countries to extend their software development capacities with local companies. With its unique culture and value, Kosovo offers great services, a strong team spirit and a happy environment to work. Kosovo doesn’t offer lower costs services, but high quality work is extremely valued from different international companies. Kosovars tend to create a close relationship with people they work with. This creates a positive environment between colleagues and makes the work process more fun!