The role of creativity in building mobile apps

The role of creativity in building mobile apps

Mobile app development is evolving and progressing faster each day. Accomplishing a fluid User Experience has become a path to success. While doing our best to provide the best solutions for our customers, we challenge ourselves to reach the most satisfactory solutions. 

How users react to our app is one of our central concerns. This is a crucial part because it takes care of the user’s feelings and thoughts. It is all about making something valuable, simple to use, not confusing, and frustration-free. If people are not satisfied with the app, it doesn’t mean that it is technically bad. It’s just that they will not come back anymore. That is the power of creative design in mobile apps that is often neglected.

To be creative, you don’t need creative skills only, but also motivation and experience. For mobile applications, design creativity can be the main aspect that differentiates the application from its competitor. That leads to the success of the application. 

There are some identified elements of design creativity:

Fluency: The ability to produce various ideas. This can help designers not to stick to an idea and escape from ready-made solutions. Even from some templates created to help designers, that actually induce them to create repetitive interfaces.

Flexibility: The ability to change ideas from different sets as well as the ability to produce rare and new ideas. These are two key skills that are essential for producing innovative applications.

Elaboration: The ability to realize ideas in detail and problem sensitivity.  Problem-solving skills are skills that can lead to effective and efficient mobile applications. This means working on the details of the project and considering the problems of the project. 

These skills are very important for designers to successfully engage in creative processes and innovative products.

“Creativity in mobile app design is not just to create a beautiful UI Design. It is the process of adapting every user’s tap when surfing with their phone.”  

Shpat Paçarada – Creative Director at Kutia


“People like applications that are easy to use, with simple navigation and an attractive interface. Developing an application that has a good UI/UX is the starting point of having a successful application.”

Rona Lohaj – Designer at Kutia