Software and Media: Kutia Software Earns First Review on Clutch!

In 2021, where various software development trends are expected to happen, businesses will be leaning on custom software platforms for faster and better transactions. Native app development, human augmentation, AI expansion, and low-code development are just some of the biggest trends to hit the market this year.

We strive to help our clients acquire cost-effective software while maintaining a high standard of quality. On Clutch, a B2B ratings platform, a customer of ours reviewed our work, and here’s a quick insight into what we did for them.

Investigative Reporting Deck Software Project 

Our client, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), needed our help in developing an investigative reporting deck, which was a critical project for the media and professional journalism industry.

Basically, this software would let journalists keep up with the latest innovations in tech while also doing their job. Within the platform, we integrated tools such as cybersecurity tips, data sources, and other features. 

We hired external associates that helped us deliver what the client wanted. In the end, we were able to deliver the project well. And it was so successful that BIRN gave us additional projects, including the re-development of their monitoring platform, where they collect cases from Eastern Europe and six other countries. 

On our Clutch profile, they left this amazing comment:

“We are more than happy with their work. Everything was timely and functional, and it was an easygoing process.” — Programme Coordinator, BIRN

In this project, our goal was not only to provide what the client needed but also to contribute to the success of their journalists. With technology, they’ll be able to perfect their work, and we’re glad to be a helping hand. 

Kutia Software Company’s Other Milestones 

Our dedication to providing the highest-quality work to our clients also helps us get noticed by award-giving platforms. 

The Manifest, a sister website of Clutch, recently named us one of their top 100 software development companies. You can visit their website and look through company project descriptions to know more about our recent accomplishments. 

Top Design Firms, which aims to look through top agencies and rank them for their quality, also included us in their list of top e-commerce development companies. 

Your company deserves expert software solutions, and Kutia Software Company is ready to help you attain that. Check out our services or view our case studies to know more about what we can offer. Let’s start building connections!

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