Making a difference in our society through a solution-oriented mindset

Making a difference in our society through a solution-oriented mindset

There are thousands of speeches and articles talking about the importance of being a solution-oriented person. These reasons are very strong and definitely influence a mindset that seeks to lead to the solution challenges that arise.

However, today we want to talk about the importance of empowering such a mindset through a company as a whole. We believe that whoever is reading this article has seen our name in different projects. Not necessarily related to software solutions only. 

Just as any other company, we have responsibilities and tasks ahead of us. Our commitment is focused on the smooth running of internal processes. However, we attach great importance to solving problems and challenges that are not necessarily related only to our technical work. One such example is our initiative to bring Beetroot Academy to Kosovo. This is an example of a solution-oriented mentality.


We saw the need for professional training in the field of IT, with a curriculum that is proven to be successful. So, we didn’t stop ourselves with the thought: “We don’t have enough IT professionals, this is a problem!”

Instead, we thought: “We don’t have enough IT professionals, we need a solution and we are the ones who can do something about this”. Thus, we gathered our strength and managed to turn this problem into a solution. A solution that brings benefits to our society, companies, and young people who want to start a career in IT.

Another example of such a mentality is the well-known project “Ga Ga Këngë për fëmijë”. This is an example of how personal experience plays a very big role in creating options instead of just complaining. In this case, the lack of educational channels in the Albanian language made us turn such a challenge into a solution.

The launch of this project is playing an important role in the language development of the Albanian language in children as well as facilitating the work of educators, teachers, and parents.

As our name implies, we try to go beyond our limits every day and get out of the box. We believe that focus and consistency are the two main keys to success. However, we encourage all of us as a society to orient ourselves towards a mentality that does not focus only on personal gain. We strongly believe that if every member of our society develops critical thinking about the issues we face every day, then together as a whole we would offer solutions to many problems. The contribution, knowledge, and the will of individuals must be united into one and together- much can be done!