Kosovo – your next stop!

Distance from Kosovo to major cities in Europe

Kosovo is situated in Southeast Europe in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. In the southwest, it is bordered by Albania, in the west by Montenegro, in the north and east by Serbia and in the southeast by North Macedonia. It is known as the youngest country in Europe since its declared independence on 17.02.2008. 

With 53 percent of its people under the age of 25, Kosovo also has the youngest population in Europe. In Pristina, the capital, the average age is 28. This percentage of youth in Kosovo is an important indicator of the continued development both socially and in people’s mentality. 

This is how we start our Guidebook to Finding Your Tech Partner in Kosovo. It is no coincidence that we are starting this article with this part separated from the introduction of our Guidebook. The main purpose of this book is for internationals to recognize Kosovo. Additionally, international companies are showing great interest in cooperating with our local companies. Short, simple, and clear, you can find all you need to know about Kosovo. Your next step is to take a ticket and visit Kosovo.

Here’s why:

  1. Geographical suitability. Almost everyone who has visited Kosovo agrees on the point that its geographical position is very convenient in relation to other European countries. As we have shown in the blog photo, the connection between Kosovo and European countries is very accessible. This is positively affecting Kosovo to get more visitors, becoming a collaboration center for Europe.
  1. The youngest country in Europe. It plays great importance. As a young country with a very old, suffering, and painful history, Kosovo is always in the process of development. While evolving in every field, both in economic, educational, and health terms, people are becoming more eager to learn and work. This is affecting the mindset as well; a curiosity of people to go beyond the borders, innovate, start-up businesses and activities that help the country in every aspect. 
  1. People. Do you visit a place because of its people? Well, this happens when we talk about Kosovo. In a very short period of time, Kosovo became famous and one of the most interesting places to visit. This is because, in addition to business or tourism, Kosovo gives something special to people. It is the culture, the mindset, and the hospitality of people who are winning the hearts of visitors to come and be part of this adventure full of young people, always in the mood to communicate, socialize and collaborate.