How we helped our client increase business profitability by digitizing his processes

How we helped our client increase business profitability by digitizing his processes banner

We are continuously talking about the importance of digital transformation in almost every aspect of our lives, especially in business. Today, we want to share with you another success story. This is a concrete case of how our solution made a huge impact on our clients’ business growth. 

Our client turned to us to find a concrete solution that would help him manage his business operating in a distributed manner. He had various distributors throughout the country. Over time, he recognized a decrease in income and poor data management. The whole organizational and operational system needed a turnover. 

He came to us with a clear understanding of what his business needs. His goal was to have a clear overview of turnovers, reports on a daily and monthly basis, and a management tool for his employees. He wanted to see an overview of his business, not only in the financial aspect but also for other implications that may appear during the performance of tasks. To put it shortly, his request was for us to digitize his business for him to have more control over it.

We were happy to provide this solution by creating a platform that would help him in all processes. This solution had a 100% positive impact on transparency in cooperation with distributors and agents. At the same time, it reduced workload. 

The results were amazing! 

The reorganization of the processes during the digitalization influenced the increase of the annual profits by about 35%. 

How we did it…

We decided to initially compile a very attractive and effective distributed web application. We started by combining the necessary data and strengthening the cooperation between the consumer and the product owner.

Kutia Team made it possible for the main client to store everything in the CLOUD. This reduced the need of traveling from unit to unit and micromanage all levels of the well-functioning enterprise. The client would send all the needed data and requests to the server within and using this server, which would link to the Web Socket Server and back to the Administration Panel, Desktop Application, and Online Application.

The Administration Panel serves as a platform where units are created. There is filtration and productive generation of reports. The Desktop Application is the interaction between units and the consumer. Desktop Application accepts the request, forwards it to the server to see if all criteria are matched, and then produces real-time statistics.

Furthermore, Desktop Application has been created using ELECTRON JS.

Since consumers are an important part of our digital transformation process, we never forget to accommodate their needs using the best and up-to-date technologies.

The entire platform is used by approximately 3000 people per day, with around 280.000 monthly unique transactions performed without any issues during the process.

A lot of data is gathered into the building infrastructure process so that the communication gap between the client and consumers shall be reduced to a minimum. We engaged in this by maximizing the management of host data. Gathered data helps us improve the functionalities of the platform constantly.

We used all technical capacities and engaged fully in optimizing all the data and transforming this enterprise into a digital wonder.

Technologies we used:

Backend API: PHP Laravel 8, Redis (for Queue and Job management), MySQL database.

Administration Panel: PHP Laravel 8, Vue.js

Point Application: ElectronJs, Vue.js

Online Application: Vue.js SPA