E-commerce creates new opportunities for businesses

E-commerce – a tool to save the business world!

• In communication, e-commerce is the distribution of goods, services, information or payments through a computer network or by any other electronic means.

• In the business process, e-commerce is the application of technology towards the automation of business transactions and work processes.

• In the service, e-commerce is a tool that responds to the desire of businesses, consumers and managers to reduce service costs while increasing the quality of goods and the speed of service delivery.

• From an online perspective, e-commerce offers the ability to buy and sell products, online information and other online services.

What is the best for your business?

1. The correct e-commerce platform.

Many e-commerce development companies would tell you that all trading electronic solutions are the same but in fact it is not true. If you choose the wrong platform you may fail in your e-commerce project. An accurate and strong platform will allow you to expand your website with the expansion of your business.

2. Simple view and ease of use

Appearance is one of the main elements that influences the online shopping process. An attractive view for the visitor encourages them to stay longer on the site and appreciate the products. The constituent elements must be clear and easily identifiable.

3. Importance of images

Website users are attracted to visual images so images play an important role in attracting customer attention. The site should be rich with illustrative images of the process and products.

4. The content should be as structured as possible.

Users are used to having the main information at their fingertips. Therefore the information should be as detailed as possible and contain data that will not be repeated. Products must be detailed with descriptions as well as relevant prices.

5. Completion with as much information as possible.

If search engines don’t find you, then customers won’t find you either. Try to make the catalogs public by not setting prices. This way you attract the customer to enter the site to get more information.

6. Place incentive elements to include visitors.

Put public incentive elements such as downloading brochures or contact the company for any questions or add to cart and so on. These messages prompt the customer to take the next step. Include these buttons wherever possible so that the consumer is involved in the product purchase process.

7. Completion of the purchase process.

The easier this process is, the more chances you have for the customer to come back and buy other products. Make sure the information is stored to make it easier for them consumer, preferably use only one page to complete the purchase.

8. Process integration

Process integration is a stage that many companies overlook. Make sure your site can be integrated with other components of your business and you will not need to duplicate workflows by increasing the chances of making mistakes.

These are the 8 basic components in portal development that have a special impact on the success of your virtual store.

Is your product easily understandable to your online customers?

Remember, buyers will not be able to touch or test your product. To buy, they need to be sure that they know what they are buying. Providing detailed product descriptions and photos can significantly increase your sales. A clear return policy, product warranty and reviews can reduce the fear that some buyers feel when they want to make a purchase.

Can you sell a product with an acceptable profit margin when you set the time and costs of packaging and delivery?

If you sell low-bill items, you may need to sell in large quantities to increase profits. If you sell items that break down, you’ll need a quick posting service.

Can you sell a digital (or non-physical) service or product that can be delivered efficiently online or by e-mail?

Many service providers or information providers have made such interactions online, for example by converting journals to digital publications.

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