Procaffeinating – the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee!

For many people, the process of drinking morning coffee is different. In European countries, this process is fast, smooth, and on foot. In the Balkans and especially in Kosovo, morning coffee creates a completely different mentality. This process does not simply mean consuming coffee as such. It is an important part of the day that unites all people to communicate with each other and share different opinions. Not necessarily related to work.

In Kutia, our morning atmosphere is very pleasant. From the entrance of the building, you can hear the sounds of voices communicating with each other while the pleasant aroma of coffee pervades all offices. With laughter and a lot of positivity, this morning period makes us start the day in the right way. It creates a sense of relaxation and cooperation that helps us get ready for the tasks that await us during the day.