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Kutia is a company involved in shaping digital information to transform it into an easily comprehensible format. We work closely with the client to define the project, and then in collaboration with graphic designers, we come up with a solution that is elegant and beautiful.

Our services are constantly evolve, in line with technology, in order for us to serve our purpose. The things we are currently doing is web designing and developing, creating web applications, customizing WordPress or creating bespoke content management systems, creating e-commerce platforms, and providing custom digital solutions to managing information. We also provide maintenance and support for all our work.

We have worked in a range of industries, such as retail, wholesale, finance, media, NGO/Non-profit, government, and we usually are familiar with the challenges that our clients face. Usually, the problem is the gap between our computers and us. We try to close that gap as much as possible by making our computers useful tools for the intended business purpose.

Software Development Team Kutia


Our company lives on the respect we have towards each other as individuals. Whatever the relationship that people have at our company, owners, employees, clients, or anything else, we believe that respect is paramount for everyone to have a better future.

We inhabit this world together and we need to work together to make our lives better, and we cannot do that if we do not like where we work and who are teammates are. That is why we believe that in investing in our workplace and in our time with each other, we can become a better company and provide better services.

Kutia Talents

Certified Digital Transformation Expert
Certified E-Commerce Expert

Shpend Sermaxhaj

Front-end & React JS

Driton Haxhiu

Software Engineer

Enis Rasimi

Junior ReactJS Developer

Eris Çitaku

Junior ReactJS Developer

Shpat Paçarada

Creative Director

Leutrim Arifi

Front-end & WordPress

Rona Lohaj

Junior Designer
Kutia Support Team

Dijar Selishta

Customer Support

Lorik Gashi

React Native

Diar Qoroviqi

Kutia react native developer

Shyqeri Gashi

React JS & React Native
Kutia WordPress developer

Nesar Havolli

React JS & React Native
Kutia React Js Developer

Gentrit Halili

React JS & React Native

Samedin Bytyqi

Financial Officer
Kutia front-end Developer

Lend Kelmendi

Front-end & WordPress

Sami Maxhuni

Kutia back-end developer

Meriton Reqica

Kosovo Outsourcing Company

Faton Selishta

Co-Founder / CTO
Kutia React Js Developer

Labinot Pajaziti

Front-end & WordPress
Kosovo outsourcing company

Arianit Fazliu

Co-Founder / CEO
Kutia WordPress Developer

Endi Rama

Front-end & WordPress
Kutia Back-end Developer Node Js

Astrit Zeqiri

Team Leader / Back-end
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We're passionate about our work, and we love to empower companies' digital capabilities. If you feel the same way, and you think your career can continue in our company, then: