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Our services are constantly evolve, in line with technology, in order for us to serve our purpose. The things we are currently doing is web designing and developing, creating web applications, customizing WordPress or creating bespoke content management systems, creating e-commerce platforms, and providing custom digital solutions to managing information.
We also provide maintenance and support for all our work.We have worked in a range of industries, such as retail, wholesale, finance, media, NGO/Non-profit, government, and we usually are familiar with the challenges that our clients face. Usually, the problem is the gap between our computers and us. We try to close that gap as much as possible by making our computers useful tools for the intended business purpose. Kutia delivers major IT projects for many of the largest and most demanding organisations in Norway and the Nordic region as a whole

Web Applications

Although web applications creation sometimes has a collective approach, where developers create and contribute to open-source projects, sometimes there are some challenges that cannot be tackled by those wonderful open-source solutions.

In those cases, we can create a custom back end that provides the perfect platform to process the information efficiently for the front end.


Our team’s deep knowledge of and extensive experience working with open-source platforms such as WordPress, Craft CMS, Drupal, Shopify have made it possible for many businesses and organizations to streamline their productivity and increase their visibility in the digital arena, while having maximum control over their content.

A significant amount of business now happens online, and it has surpassed physical store sales. The process of setting up e-commerce for businesses is not very straightforward, and there are multiple areas that need to be integrated. We can help you build your online business so that you can provide your products or services to consumers or businesses.

Website Development

We understand that the graphic design of a product or service is one of the most important aspects of any project. It is the part with which, we as people interact, and it makes the experience enjoyable. The design also dictates many aspects of the whole product, the technology that will be used, and the resources that need to be planned. Our company puts a significant emphasis on design and we dedicate the first stages of any project to its design.

The devices that people use in interacting with computers are changing and becoming more powerful and capable. In line with that advancement, the software that is used to create the interface also becomes more capable. Our company uses the latest technologies that best utilize the devices that people have to bring to life the design of the project.

Mobile Development

Our experienced developers are ready to create applications for both systems iOS and Android with just one app using modern hybrids developed in React Native.

Our mobile apps are working with live data, making users excited with outstanding user interfaces. Applying latest technologies and clean code is leading us to create scalable, maintainable, extendable and error free mobile experience.

Application Programming Interfaces

Many companies rely on the work or services of other companies to provide their services. They do that by integrating their tools with theirs through Application Programming Interfaces (API). Such services include payment gateways, mapping, advertising platforms, cloud storage, communications (Phone or SMS), or any other technology. We provide services to make that integration seamless into your business so that your business can grow while using those services.

Maintenance & support

There is no need for everyone to be an expert on everything. Companies do not have to be specialists on all the technological tools that they use. For all our services, we provide maintenance and support so that our clients can continue doing what they do best, and leave the rest to us. Our team can integrate into your business processes so that you can rely on our expertise to scale further.