What solutions we come up with ultimately depends on our clients’ needs. In any project, we work closely with our client to figure out what tools and technologies are most needed to provide a long-standing solution for their needs. While our team is experienced in developing dedicated custom applications, we are also proficient in coming up with practical solutions that are developed on open-source platforms.

Having worked with many customers from the world media, corporations and different type of businesses, we have come to understand that the best solution is always the most practical one. Our team’s deep knowledge of and extensive experience working with open-source platforms such as WordPress have made it possible for many businesses and organizations to streamline their productivity and increase their visibility in the digital arena, while having maximum control over their content.

For organizations and businesses that depend on the ability to quickly and seamlessly update and modify their content, such as news agencies, we often suggest open-source solutions that allow a higher level of control and flexibility.

We do this by integrating into one place different modules, including e-commerce, shipment, quickbooks online, as well as specific modules for training management and quizzes.

Open-source platforms enable our clients to manage their content easily and efficiently. Even better, such solutions are highly practical as adding additional modules later is both hassle-free and low cost.