We decided to establish a platform where Google AdSense, Google analytics, WordPress and influencers themselves could have a common ground of functioning.

The platform offers real-time real data insights for both the publisher and the influencers.

There is a special space within the platform where influencers (important people on the showbiz, business world, influencers of all kinds who are followed by millions of people on different social media) can share the articles and then by bringing clicks to the platform can generate money. Financial benefit will be allocated separately, and both the influencers and the publisher will benefit.

KUTIA Team engaged so that each influencer has a unique ID to affiliate with, and there is valuable revenue for each post and each influencers that logs in. The influencer has an access on all data, which was out intention. The influencer can control the posts, the number of visitors, which posts reach more people, which posts are more shared on social media and also in which ones, and after careful consideration they can decide what to share, how to boost and how to generate more money.

We as a team also engaged so that this platform would present to the influencer the most recent posts, the most shared one, activity check, profile managing, FAQs and so on.

We used WordPress API for getting all posts ranked by the performance gathered by Google Analytics API. The revenue performance is shown graphically on a real time basis in the platform using the Google AdSense API.

Main technology stack: PHP Laravel, MySQL VueJs,
Third party technologies: WordPress API, Google AdSense and Google Analytics API, Google Chart