This web application is built with the purpose of helping inmates to get donations while in jail. This platform would allow them to build a budget and use it for daily needs as well as create opportunities for starting a new life after jail time.  


This app allows users to deposit money for inmates to use on commissary, phone time, scheduling a video visitation, or sending an electronic message. 

We used JavaScript in the front end and WordPress as CMS. The main feature of this platform is the information that users get for services they need, based on their location. An API is integrated to get those data, based on their state. After the facilities are defined, services for each specific facility are then defined as well. 

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. 


Through this solution, people are able to help their loved ones in jail. On the other hand, it makes inmates’ lives easier by giving them chances to interact more with their families.