Our client’s request was to build a system that allows medical teams and radiologists in hospitals use medical imaging to diagnose or monitor a medical condition. This platform would create reports based on the scans that they receive from the field medical teams. All this process has to be in sync between technicians/radiologists in the hospitals and field medical teams who do different types of scans such as: Ultrasound, X-Ray, ECG, Echo and send them directly to medical teams and radiologists in the hospital. 


We created a platform that allows doctors, radiologists, and technicians to have fast access to the patient’s list and find all the data such as: modalities, X-Ray, and personal information. The field medical team, on the other hand, can send images and data through the platform. These data are automatically assigned to doctors who will review, monitor and diagnose them.  

  • Radiologists review the medical imaging and create/generate findings for each case.
  • For each patient and each doctor, a profile history is created with detailed information.
  • The administrator of the app manages the doctors’ and technicians’ profiles. 
  • This platform is integrated with third-party APIs like Medi metrics, Med Dream, and Dicom rooter. 


A web-based solution that provides fast, real-time collaboration between field medical teams, technicians and radiologists. Easy access to reports, patients’ history and medical team profiles.