Albi Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kosovo. It is considered to be one of the best shopping centers in the region and houses high-end stores that cater to fashion, entertainment, dining, and art. They turned to us to provide them with the best e-commerce solution. They wanted to ensure they would retain their existing customers by implementing an enhanced, more convenient shopping experience. 


We developed an innovative cross-platform mobile application that includes enhanced features such as store management, stock management, product catalogue, notification management, social media and calendar integration, dynamic tools for events, promotions and special offers, and user chat capabilities. The e-commerce solution that we provided included more than three different ERPs. These ERPs are used to help stores manage the stock in a synchronized way between the online stock in the platform and the stock in the warehouse.  

This site provides consumers with offers across many different retailers according to their preferences and helps online shop owners to achieve their goals more efficiently. 


As a result of our e-commerce solution, the shopping mall now has an enhanced and comprehensive cross-platform mobile application for shoppers. Users can easily find stores and product information, and can receive direct notifications about special offers and promotions through a one-tap solution. The application helped increase their overall customer base.