Telegrafi’s Website Optimization, Modernization, and User Experience Enhancement


Telegrafi is one of the largest and most influential Albanian-speaking online news portal that delivers real-time news, advice, and analysis across various domains. They requested our assistance in enhancing their website’s technology, server, and overall performance by developing a new theme and integrating cutting-edge features.


Telegrafi’s website was facing several challenges, such as slow page load times, outdated technology, and an unattractive interface. These issues were affecting the user experience and their search engine rankings. The challenge was to optimize the website, improve its performance, and add new features while maintaining its existing brand identity. 


We developed a new theme that improved the website’s appearance and functionality and optimized the website’s queries, which helped to increase its performance by up to 98%. We also added a Dark mode feature that allowed users to switch the background color of the portal or application from light to dark. This feature helps to reduce eye strain and is a popular trend in modern website design. 

We added two new features, Games and Weather, to provide users with more engaging content. The Weather feature informs users about real-time weather conditions based on their browsing location, while the Games feature provides access to over 300 games, with more to come. 

We implemented several optimization techniques to improve the website’s search engine rankings, including SEO best practices. Additionally, we optimized the website’s meta tags, headings, and content to include relevant keywords and phrases. Further more, we improved the website’s structure to make it clear and concise. This resulted in fast page load times for a better user experience. 

We implemented AD Lazy Load; a technique that loads ads only when they become visible in the user’s browser window. This resulted in faster page rendering and a smoother browsing experience. We also added Native Ads and Promo Ads to provide advertisers with a seamless and non-intrusive advertising experience, which also blends in with the website’s content. 


The optimized and modernized Telegrafi website resulted in an extraordinary experience for all users, including editors and journalists. The website’s speed and reliability improved, and the new features and design improvements added more engagement and value to the user’s experience.  Telegrafi is now equipped to offer a new spirit of information to its users, with its two main attributes: speed and reliability. The SEO optimizations will help to increase website’s search engine ranking and drive more organic traffic.