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Power of Positivity

Affiliate Platform for influencers.

We have developed a platform that helps Power of Positivity team and influencers working togther easly. This platform includes API Integration for Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Each user have its own access to the platform so they can track, manage and overview income and traffic.



Balkan Investigative Reporting Network


Together with BIRN, we developed a web application that contained all the data gathered throughout the years and made it accessible for all network country members. To achieve this, we focused on making search modules responsive to special characters of different languages spoken in all seven country offices.


The application allows BIRN staff to upload files in a safe and private manner, as well as share those documents, make them public, or embed them. They can view documents that other people have uploaded such as reports, legislation, declassified documents, and correspondence.


A major feature the web application is how well it works with printed files. When a PDF scanned as an image is uploaded, the platform will read it with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize the words in the file. This enables investigative journalists to upload documents from original sources and make them publicly accessible, as well as process documents much more easily.


Levizja FOL

Development of open procurement transparency portal for collection and publication of data related to tenders published by Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC) and data related to businesses published by Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA). The portal is used to increase transparency of public expenditures by offering simplified information to the public so that they can better understand and follow their tax money.